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Artist Studio Sydney – Blends Studio

Blend is a sydney based artist studio with over two decades of history in the australian graffiti art movement. Specifically his work depicts a clash regarding the  natural environment and urban environment with a tinch of aesthetic as he uses reclaimed objects and landscapes that are textured in format for contrasting the stylished faunas and figures. Blend has his work collections in national galleries and museums in the parts of Australia, New zealand, Europe and Japan

Home Artist Studio

Working from home has become the trend nowadays. Are home artists given the value they deserve? Even artists who are beginner’s need a place to paint regularly till their career starts. Not every artist can afford to buy a studio and though many have the dream of owning a studio facing the beach many have to make do with a corner in their house. Having the Artist studio at home expects that it be craftsman cordial and advances great nature of work.

Goal Set

Do you know how a goal set can help grow an artist studio?  The goal set is to grow the catalogs of demos in order to build an individual into an artist. It perfectly maintains the avenue that is needed to maintain the artist studios in parts of Sydney. A fun friendly environment is required to make the artist feel like home. Guess who looks after all these? Blend looks after all these criteria for maintaining the creativity level of every individual. Putting creative display and colorful pieces of art gives ideas to the artist and helps maintain the creativity level. One must take care to avoid clutter as also not keeping it so clean that no work can be done. Making the studio artist-friendly helps the artist to develop their own identity as well as make good pieces of art. 


We will provide some setup techniques required for an artist studio. Do you want to know those? Putting up a artist studio in house requires many important points to be kept in mind. If the family consists of young toddlers and pets it is very important to avoid them messing up in paints. If you do not wish your kids and pets ending up in yuk paint keep some boundary furniture to avoid them entering your work area. Divide this area with a partition, tall plants or even makeshift sofa or seating arrangement. Keep all materials and equipment required to paint carefully and neatly arranged to avoid searching for them.

Artist studios in Sydney

Do you know some Artist studios present in Sydney? Let us give you some information, stay tuned

  1. Primrose Park Artist Studios

The studios are located at Primrose Park Arts Center in Cremorne. There are six fully equipped low-cost shared studio spaces provided on a twelve-month basis, which are currently tenanted until October 2022.

  1. Coal Loader Artist in Residence program

The Artist in Residence program at the Coal Loader is available free of charge to one artist. Artists working with sustainable concepts or materials are prioritized. Expressions of Interest for the 2022/2023 Coal Loader Artist in Residence program are now closed.

For more details please contact us.